It was 1929 the BNR Recreation Club ( BNR RC ) ,later well known as BN Railway and after formation of South Eastern Railway and South Eastern Railway Sports Association, it was popular with as BNR in Calcutta Maiden, was officially established

Primarily BNR RC were associated with Football, Cricket, Hockey and water polo.

Later Club participated in the event of Athletics and Aquatics competition. Club became famous not only in Bengal but also in India due to their remarkable performance.

The Football team reached 1st Division (League) in 1949 and has remained there ever since. They lifted the IFA Shield in 1963 and Rovers Cup in 1964. In 1937 Club had won the Beighton Cup followed by 2nd win on 1939. The team had the distinguished record of lifting the Beighton Cup three times in a row from 1942 to 1945.

Team of club re-appeared in 1958 and the team emerged in the 1st Divn of the Calcutta league in 1963 and won the Hockey League of Calcutta from 1965 to 1967 (ie hattrick). The most happy hunting ground outside Calcutta had been at Bhupal where the team figured in the of the Obaidullllah Gold Cup 9 times during 1958 to 1972. A third hattric  from 1958 to 1960 and won the Gold Cup at Bombay in 1965. BNR RC Hockey team won the Khandwa Gold Cup in 1966,1969 and 1970. The Cricket team won the Championship in CAB 1st Divn knock out tournament in 1963.





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Latest Achievements in Hockey

BNR RC Hockey team is always a well known name in Kolkata maidan. It has many great achievements not only in West Bengal but also in whole India. In very recent time BNR RC has become Runner-up in BHA Hockey League in 2009 and has also during 2017, BNR RC hockey team has shown remarkable…

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News on Football

It was a glorious memorable day that BNR RC Football team has become champion of prestigious E.K.Nayanar Memorial Gold Cup Tournament of Kozhikode in 2012. It was unbelievable that BNR RC has defeated the Air India, an I League Team. It was another coloured feather added in the head of BNR RC. It was happened…

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